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DNS Africa Media and Communications, it's multi-purpose engagement vehicles, and Partners.

The Motiva8te Series is an initiative of DNS Africa Resource Center (DARC) and DNS Global Initiative. It runs a gender sensitisation exercise for Boys and Girls, considering social motivation as a tool for empowerment, either intrinsic or extrinsic.

The variations is adopting three (3) approach.

1. Video recording not more than five (5) minutes.

2. Fire-Side Chat on selected media, such as Twitter or Zoom, not exceeding forty-five (45) minutes.

3. Documentary of Personalities, carefully selected for motivational purposes.

The unveiling will be virtual engagement, with stakeholders to appraise the series of Motiva8te to be created.

The Motiva8te Series will be taken to different schools to inspire and motivate the children within an age gap to start a capacity skill set learning on any approved platform by DNS Africa Resource Center (DARC), using internal and external Facilitators from DNS Academy or willing partners.

This series will be taking to more than 3,000 children, quarterly, using incentives as measure of impact across the globe in diverse languages.